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All I want for Christmas

I love Christmas season.  And to me, this season usually starts on early November – the moment I half-heartedly confirm my online purchase of ridiculously overpriced round trip ticket to go back home (from DXB).  The next five minutes after that is priceless though – I would call my family and excitedly announce my flight details.  I would hear them giggle, they would repeatedly ask the time I expect to land in Manila and they would nag me about the food I want to eat during my vacay – I feel truly missed and loved! Continue reading “All I want for Christmas”

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the one….

I don’t settle.  I switch jobs quickly – on average every 18 months. I couldn’t really pinpoint a single factor – most of the time, it’s the boss factor. Thankfully, I never really encounter a monster boss – the kind that power trip on you, slave drive you or humiliate you. On the contrary, most of them are really nice to me. My usual issue was that I wasn’t convinced that they are the boss for me – either I couldn’t feel their passion in what we were doing or I assessed that they couldn’t really help me in furthering my career. Continue reading “the one….”


Today, I met a really good friend and I’m not sure when I will see her again.  Continue reading “clueless”

Reflecting, Planning and Bali-ing!

I like to reflect on my life and plan ahead. I’m convinced that it’s healthy to do so – honestly assess where you are with your life goals, which aspect of your life needs more focus, what could have you done better, how is your healing process going on, etc. Many people go through this process during Christmas/New Year season, some during their birthdays, and others during thanksgiving. Still, there are others who do this whilst on a brink of a major life change – marriage and divorce.

I do this more regularly: every single day! Continue reading “Reflecting, Planning and Bali-ing!”

The Tourist… Guide

I love to travel (who doesn’t anyway?). And when I travel, I try to go all the way. My principle is: Although I would definitely love to visit the place again, I really don’t know when I will have the chance to do that so might as well make the most out of it. And, honestly, there are just soooo many amazing places to visit in this lifetime that, given my limited resources, I am inclined to prioritize visiting new places over a place that I have already been to. Continue reading “The Tourist… Guide”

wake up call

I was never a health conscious person. I guess because I have never been hospitalized nor have I been stuck in bed due to sickness (only due to laziness LOL). So I was convinced that I was in good shape – definitely not an hourglass kind of shape but not out of shape. In my mind, I was healthy and whatever I was doing or eating was serving me just fine.   That includes coffee and donut or croissant for breakfast; burgers and fries or rice and red meat for lunch; KFC or McDonalds for dinner. I also run on weekends and drink loads of water. Life is good… until I received a message from my brother whilst I was in Germany last summer.

‘Nina, we need to talk’ Continue reading “wake up call”

a good change

Last Sunday, a colleague of mine (on business trip from Germany), asked me if I would like to watch Spectre after work this week.  My instict was to say no and think of a decent excuse – something along the lines of –  I have friends coming over for dinner… or I have to skype with my family (that by the way works all the time but makes me soooo guilty afterwards)…. or I have my period and Im not feeling so well… Continue reading “a good change”

Happy Anniversary to me (and DXB!)

It occurred to me, while driving and singing along with the radio this morning, that today is November 10, 2015…. HOLY MOLY!!!!!

that means 10 YEARS since I first came here in Dubai…. Continue reading “Happy Anniversary to me (and DXB!)”

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